Savannah River Meanderings

Thursday, July 7 @ 6:00 pm
Savannah River Meanderings–Book Talk and Signing with author Lillian Powell Benson
Augusta Public Library Auditorium
Join the Georgia Room as we welcome author Lillian Powell Benson for a nostalgic journey down the Savannah River. Ms. Benson grew up in Burke County, Georgia, the granddaughter of William Henry Powell who–like his father before him–plied the Savannah River as a riverboat captain and expert fisherman. For years, Ms. Benson kept a manuscript written by her “papa” about his life on the river, always dreaming of publishing a book honoring him, and his memories of the Savannah. Savannah River Meanderings is a dream come true for Ms. Benson, a story of a family whose lives were spent in natural harmony with the rhythms of the river. Call the Georgia Room for details, 706-826-1511.

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