In the Footprints of a Giant: The Vesey Connection

In the Footprints of a Giant: The Vesey Connection
Thursday, December 3
Auditorium of Headquarters Library
2:00 pm
Award winning local author and historian Wayne O’Bryant sheds light on current events through a discussion of his book, In the Footprints of a Giant: The Vesey Connection.
In the discussion, O’Bryant will show how current events such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina have their roots in specific events from the past, and how an understanding of these past events can lead to solutions in the present.

In the Footprints of a Giant tells the story of the larger than life figure Denmark Vesey. Vesey was one of the founding members of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston and the mastermind behind the most elaborate slave revolt plan in U. S. history. The motive fueling Vesey’s plot was an intensely burning belief that Black lives mattered! There are reasons why Emanuel AME Church was targeted for attack, there are reasons why Charlestonians responded the way they did to the attack, and there are reasons why the State and the Nation are responding to Charleston’s response the way they are. This program is free and open to the public. Call (706) 826-1511 for details.

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