Augusta Richmond County Historical Society Seeking Indexer

The Augusta Richmond County Historical Society is soliciting bids for a new cumulated index of the Society’s journal, Augusta Richmond County History. The index should include author, title and subject links. A controlled vocabulary can be deduced from prior indexes. The journal has been published since 1969, one volume per year, consisting of two issues. Each issue is 20 to 40 pages long. There are usually four to six articles on local history in each issue. Several print indexes have been issued; one covers volumes 1-15 (1969-1983) an other covers volumes 16-20 (1984-1989), and the latest covers volumes 21-39 (1990-2008). See the Society’s web site (, under the link to ASU for a link to the existing indexes. It is desirable to have the updated index both in print and machine readable over the internet. The journal is available at Reese Library, GRU, Augusta-Richmond County Public Library, and the High School and Middle School Libraries of Richmond County. Other libraries also hold this journal. A set of issues could be made available to an indexer.

Interested indexers should call or email Tom Sutherland, 706-738-3885,

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