Veteran’s Curation Program

Veteran’s Curation Program

On Display

Augusta, Georgia (9/14/13) – The Augusta Museum of History has partnered with the city’s Veterans Curation Program to produce an inspiring new display that officially opens to the public on September 28th, 2013. The new exhibit, produced entirely by the military veterans who are a part of this special program, explores their lives and work through the objects they brought back from military conflicts overseas, as well as the prehistoric artifacts they have learned to preserve. Military paraphernalia, archaeological items, and personal stories provide an intimate portrait of veterans transitioning into civilian lives.

Brandie Taylor, a veteran combat medic, appreciated the program’s focus on new job skills: A lot of people don’t get to experience anything that deals with archaeology, she said. Working here has given me an opportunity to spread the word about the VCP and help other veterans.

The Veterans Curation Program provides employment and job training for veterans of the American military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans receive competitive pay while learning new, marketable job skills as they are trained to rehabilitate and preserve archaeological collections administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Augusta is home to one of the three Veterans Curation Program laboratories, in addition to those in Alexandria and St. Louis.

Brandon Holloman enjoyed expanding his knowledge of history: You never know why things are the way they are in the present until you learn about their past.

Please congratulate the latest class of veterans to complete their term of employment at the Augusta Veterans Curation Program. We will celebrate their graduation and transition to the civilian workplace together with a special ceremony planned for the afternoon of September 27 at the Augusta Museum of History.

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