Webinar Schedule for Friends of the National Archives

Here is the 2013 webinar schedule for the Friends of the National Archives Southeast Region. Please check the website (http://www.friendsnas.org/webinarSch.htm) monthly in case the topic or webinar time has changed:

8 Jan 2pm

Sandra Crowley: Lights, Camera, Action! Turning Your Photos and Movies into a Family Story

An introduction to methods to technology that can be used to tell your family story combining a variety of items such as still photos, video, music, etc. to bring your story to life.

12 Feb 2pm

Angela Walton-Raji: Exploring the Records of the Freeman’s Bureau

12 Mar 2pm

Laura Prescott: loc.gov: Using Our Nation’s Library Online

9 Apr 2pm

Guy Hall, Archivist: Baseball

14 May 2pm

Paula Stuart-Warren, CG : Records of the Works Project Adminitration (W.P.A.)

4 Jun 2pm

Shane Bell, Archivist: Atomic Energy Finding Aid

9 Jul 2pm

Debbie Parker, Wayne CG: NA and Gentic Genealogy in 2013

13 Aug 2pm

J. Mark Lowe, CG : Mining the Records of the Federal Distirct Courts

10 Sep 2pm

Maureen Hill, Archivist: Records of the Tennessee Valley Authoriity (TVA)

8 Oct 2pm

Linda Woodward Geiger, CG, CGL: Documenting Cherokee Heritage

12 Nov 2pm

Nathan Jordan, Archivest: Southern Home Front, WW II

 10 Dec 2pm

Selma Blackmon: Treasures at the National Archives at Atlanta

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