This Place Matters: Preserving Augusta’s African-American Communities

Historic Augusta and Lucy Craft Laney Museum just sent out notices that they are changing this month’s event of “This Place Matters:  Preserving Augusta’s African-American Communities.”  Instead of the 4th weekend of this month, it will be set up Oct. 18 and 19 at the Sand Hills Community Center, 2540 Wheeler Rd., corner of Fleming Ave. which is perpendicular to the entrance of Augusta State University on Walton Way.  The Friday night speech and reception will be held at the community center.  Keynote lecture will be by Bobby Donaldson, associate professor of history at the University of S.C.-Columbia.

The Saturday events will start with coffee and refreshments at 9:30 a.m., then a ramble of the Sand Hills neighborhood. There will be a panel discussion of residents starting at 11:30 who will share their stories, photos and history of the Sand Hills neighborhood.  Then a luncheon will be held at 12:30 with a summary of the forum by ASU’s Lee Ann Caldwell,
director of the Center for the Study of Georgia History.

Per the new form, the event itself is free and the Saturday luncheon will be $10.

For registration or more information, please contact Historic Augusta at 706-724-0436 or or the Lucy Laney Museum of Black History at 706-724-3576 or

Thank you to Lillian Wan for letting us know of the changes!

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