The Letters of Cornelia Polhill Miller

This past February, Rob Pavey, from the Augusta Chronicle, wrote a story about the correspondence of Cornelia Polhill Miller that had been donated to the Georgia Room by John and Linda Beck. The letters, dated from 1848 to 1909, were written to Mrs. Miller by friends and members of her family.

The newspaper article was published here in Augusta and picked up by a newspaper in Athens, Georgia. Since the publicity, we have received letters and phone calls from members of the Miller and Polhill families. Last week we were visited by Sara Barron and Orlean Castronis, descendants of Cornelia Polhill Miller. They were delighted and surprised by the collection of letters and they showed us several photos of Cornelia Miller and her family that they had brought with them. They graciously allowed us to make copies of their photographs and a handwritten family history.

The February Augusta Chronicle article is here:

The letters and Polhill/Miller family history can be viewed upon request in the Georgia Room.

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