Hampton Terrace Hotel

The Hampton Terrace Hotel was a luxurious 5-story and 5-star hotel in North Augusta. Northerners would travel to the Aiken/North Augusta/Augusta area during the winter months for a reprieve from the harsh Northern winters. The hotel was constructed in 1902 at a cost of $536,000! Hundreds of rooms were available and an 18-hole golf course covered most of the hotel grounds. Diners at the Hampton Terrace could feast on Cape Cod Oyster Cocktail, Baked Savannah River Shad au Fines Herbes, Leg of Mutton Caper Sauce, Peaches Conde, along with many other gourmet dishes during their stay. How do we know what was on the menu? A patron has graciously donated a Hampton Inn envelope, menu, and a piece of the hotel stationery (with the floor plan map on the back).  You can stop in the Georgia Room and ask to view these wonderful treasures during our regular business hours. You can also read more about the Hampton Inn here: http://cityofdust.blogspot.com/2005/05/hollywood-south-carolina.html.

by Aspasia Luster

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