National Genealogical Society Conference

Last week I attended the National Genealogical Society annual conference which was held in Charleston, SC. The conference consists of 4 days of workshops and lectures and is held in a different city each year. Next year it will be in Cincinatti. There were so many interesting workshops held at the same time that is made choosing difficult. I decided to try workshops in the the different tracks rather than stick with just one. The tracks were Military, Ancestry, Ethic Genealogy, Technology and so on. All of the workshops had a syllabus and these were handed out on a cd so that attendees could print them or load them into their computers. If anyone is interested in seeing the sylabi with the bibliographies, please ask me for them. 

In addition to the workshops, there was a large Dealer’s Room filled with genealogy societies, book dealers and internet genealogical companies. Some, like Ancestry and Family Search had banks of computers which could be used to access their products. There were also activies scheduled to explore Charleston and holdings of the local historical and genealogical societies.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in genealogy go to a conference or two, if not this one, then regional, state or local conferences. You will learn so much! More than that, you’ll make contacts and have a good time talking about genealogy with others who have the same interests.

Dottie Demarest

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