Two New Books

Two new books have arrived in the Georgia Room today: The Centennial History of the Court of Appeals of Georgia, 1906-2006 by Charles Adams and Gravely Mistaken: Tales of Medicine, Mishaps, and Body Snatching in Augusta, Georgia by local writer Janis Ann Parks.

 The Centennial History traces the roots of the Court of Appeals in 1906. The state of Georgia was experiencing a population boom at the turn of the twentieth century. More people meant more court cases. The Supreme Court of Georgia was drowning in a case overload, and subsequently, the Georgia legislature created the Court of Appeals in 1906.

 Gravely Mistaken is a book of historical fiction short stories that were inspired by the true-life story of Grandison Harris. Grandison Harris was a slave that was hired by the Medical College of Georgia to dig up cadavers in the local cemetery. The cadavers were then transferred to the college so that the medical students could learn about human anatomy in a hands-on, interactive way.

by Aspasia Luster

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