A Revolutionary War Adventure

Imagine that you are a prisoner of the British during the Revolutionary War. Your wife and mother-in-law are living in Savannah which is rumored to be under siege by the British. When you are finally released from the POW camp, you find out that your wife left Savannah and had to leave her mother behind because she was too ill to be moved. Sadly, your mother-in-law has passed away and your wife and slaves were sailing to Charleston when their ship was captured by the British. Now you must travel to the West Indies, rescue your wife, and buy back your slaves…

These events happened to George Walton in 1778-1779 and you could read a full account of the events by clicking on the link below: 


George Walton was the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence and the owner of Meadow Garden:


by Aspasia Luster

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