Lincoln County Lost

Introducing a new book from the Georgia Department of Transportation:

Lincoln County Lost: Lincoln County before the Dam by Sharman Southall.

For those new to this area, once upon a time Strom Thurmond Lake, which is an artificial reservoir, didn’t exist. Clark’s Hill Dam was built between 1938 – 1952 and behind it formed the Chalrk’s Hill Lake, now known as J. Strom Thurmond Lake. Some the best bottomland in Lincoln County and the remains of many buildings, some dating from the pioneer era, disappeared into a watery grave when the 78,000 acre lake formed. This very special book presents a collection of photographs of the farm houses and outbuildings that went underwater. The valuation forms are also reproduced. If your family farm was lost to the project this is a must see. It also presents a rare glimpse at a lost world.

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