1940s Telephone Books

A local resident, Barbara Harley Johnson, has graciously donated three Augusta Telephone Directories to the Georgia Room today. The directories are from 1942, 1943, and 1945. They are so interesting! On the 1943 Telephone Directory cover, there is a red banner telling people:

STOP! THINK! Is the call you’re about to make really necessary? If not, please don’t make it. Help Keep Lines and Central Offices Clear for War business

At the bottom of the front page:

ATENTION Please Do Not Make Telephone Calls During or Immediately After an Air Raid Alarm As It Is Essential That the Lines Be Kept Free for Use by the Defense Authorities. If Your Telephone Rings, However, Answer It Promptly.

This little piece of Augusta history shows the sacrifices and concerns that Augustans shared with the nation during World War II. Thank you very much Mrs. Johnson for your gift to theĀ Georgia Heritage Room and future local history buffs.

Aspasia Luster and Dottie Demarest

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