Old Town Augusta Painting

Horace Talmage Day   (1909 – 1984)

Old Town Augusta 

Signed and Dated 1934   Oil on Canvas    30 x 36 Inches

Peter Clarke, Director of the Clarke Gallery in Newburyport, Massachusetts, asked the following question in an email to Eric Montgomery about a painting held by his gallery:

I am attempting to learn the name of the church in this painting created by Horace Talmadge Day in 1934.

Horace T. Day was born in Amoy, China to American missionary parents. He graduated from Shanghai American School in 1927 and came to the United States where he studied at the Art Students League in New York. Day first exhibited his work at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1931. From 1933 until World War II, Day was represented by the Macbeth Gallery. He was the Director of Painting at the Herbert Institute of Art in Augusta, GA from 1936 until 1941. (Information provided by Travis Hollaway)

So how about it? Anyone have an idea about what street and church this is?

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